Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

FNAF 4 first teaser

FNAF 4’s first teaser image shows what looks like Freddy but with the addition of three tiny Freddy heads on his body and he’s holding Freddy’s top hat. It also mentions this game will be the Final Chapter and will be released on the 31st of October 2015.

This animatronic seems to be the first Freddy animatronic because he has five fingers, which leads me to believe it used to be a suit worn by humans like Springtrap. He also has a similar deteriorating state as Springtrap which means somebody may have died in this suit as well.

Going from MatPat’s theory, we know that this Freddy is from the second location, which means the game might be set somewhere between the second location (where the employees died in the suits) and the location from the FNAF 2. Could there have been a restaurant between those two?

FNAF 4 timeline


Bonnie teaser

The next teaser image released this week, shows a nightmare version of Bonnie. At first I didn’t think it was Bonnie, because we’ve never seen Bonnie with five fingers, but the two rows of teeth are an undeniable trait of our dear Bonnie. It makes me believe that maybe there really was a location between the one where Springtrap comes from and the location of the FNAF 2 game. Maybe in that location they tried to do another suit worn by humans. They did say in the recording of night 4 in FNAF 3 that the suits would be looked at by their technicians.


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