Nintendo E3 2015 News

Nintendo released today what their plans are for this year’s E3.

They will kick off E3 week with the return of Nintendo’s World Championships after a long 25-year hiatus. Gamers will be able to compete in select Best Buy stores for a spot in the tournament’s finals held on June 14.

Can’t make it to E3? No worries! On June 16, online viewers will be able to see the latest Nintendo news by tuning in to the Nintendo Digital Event (, followed by Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3, which will show daily live-streamed game demonstrations from the Nintendo booth.

Want to be one of the lucky people that get to test out an upcoming game? Be on the lookout for one of the participating Best Buy locations that will have a two days sampling of the upcoming Mario Maker Wii U game!

For more details on what you can expect from Nintendo at this year’s E3, visit:

What are you most excited about Nintendo @ E3?


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