“Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Review

I don’t usually review episodes of a tv series, but this episode has stirred up so much conversation on the Interwebs that I couldn’t help myself and put my grain of salt in the cluster of opinions.

First I’ll talk a bit about what I think of the other scenes than the one people are obvisouly talking about, because I feel like they’re ignored too much. Obviously there will be spoilers.

Let’s start with Arya Stark. As usual, she’s cleaning bodies and is asked who she is, but after lying about her backstory to a young girl before giving her the poison water, she is finally shown what’s beyond the door. I personally found what lies behind the door quite creepy as heck and disgusting, but I’m still curious to see what happens next.

Jorah and Tyrion pass time by discussing why Tyrion was in Valantis. Then Tyrion accidentaly announces to Jorah that his father is dead. Jorah changes the subject and tells Tyrion why he thinks Daenerys is the rightfull heir to the throne. After all this talking, they get captured by slave traders (or whatever they’re called). I’m really hoping Tyrion doesn’t get killed because he’s my favorite character. I’m also waiting for the moment Jorah infects someone else to get out of a bad situation.

Petyr meets with Cersei and tells her he knows where Sensa is. He says he’ll bring her head on a spike after Stannis and Bolton murder each other in battle in exchange of being named Warden of the North. Nothing much to say about this other than I hate Petyr and have a weird love/hate relationship with Cersei. I hate her because she is an awefull person, but I also love how she manages to always have her way.

Jaime and Bronn finally find Myrcella, but they arrive at the same time as the Sand Snakes so they battle it off. Before Myrcella is being taken away by one of the Sand Snakes, the guards arrive and arrest the Sand Snakes and Jaime and Bronn. I don’t think any harm will be dealt to Myrcella nor Jaime and Bronn. I’m hoping if Jaime just says Cersei wants her daughter back, they’ll let her go. Although she probably won’t want to go since she’s in love with the Martell guy.

Loras is put on trial to determine if he did lay with other men. He swears he never did and the Tyrells start to leave, but Margaery is called to testify. She also swears by the Gods that, to the best of her knowledge, her brother never layed with another man. To their dismay, Loras’ most recent boy toy is brought to testify and he reveals everything. Loras is arrested for being gay and Margaery is also arrested for lying to the Gods. I deffinately was not expecting Margaery to get arrested. I am extremelly frustrated at Tommen for not speaking up and stopping them from arresting his wife and Queen.

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for. Sansa Stark. She got married to Ramsey, sooner than I had thought and it was way more tamed than I thought it would be. I sadly spoiled myself the fact that she’d get raped, but I was expecting way worse than what actually happened. We’ve seen Daenerys get “raped” by Drogo many times, we’ve seen many sex scenes full on and we’ve seen people get murdered. In this scene, we see Sensa being bent on the bed and we hear Ramsey unbuckling his belt. Then the camera switches to Theon’s face filled with pain while we hear Sensa having sex in the background. I say “having sex” and not “being raped” because I do not think she got raped. Yes, to today’s standards she got raped. She’s underage and did not want to have sex, but Ramsey still took her. BUT this story does not take place in our time. It takes place in medieval times in a fictionnal world. If you watch this show with the mentality of how they lived back then, what happened to Sensa is completely normal. She had her periods, which means, in those times, she’s now a woman. And in those times, the wife was expected to have sex with her husband wether she was willing or not. No, I did not like the scene, I found very creepy that Ramsey made Theon watch, but it is in fact one of the most tamed scenes we’ve seen so far. I don’t understand why people are so worked up about it.

What did you think of this episode?


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