Bits of News #3

Lords of the Fallen is getting a Game of the Year edition that will include a lot of post-launch content, including the Ancient Labyrinth DLC, the Demonic Weapons and Lionheart packs, new weapons, armor and more. The GOTY edition will release on June 26.

Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus VR, was previously hired by Total Recall Technologies in 2011 to work on a prototype head mounted display and is now accused of using the information on said prototype to create the Oculus Rift.

In the upcoming patch for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox the framerate will be locked at 30fps

Hot Topic has an agreement to buy Geeknet, inc. (parent company of ThinkGeek) for $122 million.

Star Wars will be coming to Disney Infinity this fall in a three-part rollout. Twilight of the Republic will focus on the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars cartoon. There’s still no information on Rise of the Empire and The Force Awakens. It was also announced that Pixar’s Inside Out will also have a playset for Disney Infinity.

Twitch is banning Adults Only games for streaming.

Wildstar will be free-to-play starting this autumn.

Lords of the Fallen‘s sequel is planned to release in 2017. We will get a more accurate date once it approaches and once they’re certain they can deliver at that time.

Pac-Man is finally getting a sequel called Pac-Man 256, inspired by the glitch in level 256. It is set to come out on mobile and tablets this summer.

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