Microsoft at E3 2015

Microsoft started off their conference with the presentation of Halo 5: Guardians. For the solo campain, you play as two Spartan squads, one led by Master Chief and the other led by Spartan Locke. For the multiplayer mode, they announced Warzone. It’s going to be a 12v12 match set in an environment four times bigger than previous maps and there will be AI controlled adversaries. Guardians is set to release on October 27 2015.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced the Backward Compatibility; which means you will be able to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One! You’ll play the same old games but with the additions of the Xbox One features such as screenshots, broadcasting, dvr and game streaming with the Xbox App on Windows 10. While you’re on your Xbox One, you’ll still be able to play with players using the Xbox 360 as well. On top of that, you won’t be charged for games you already own. Just put the disc in and download!

We got to have a bit of an insight on the new Xbox controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, coming this Fall. Here are the features announced: Elite performance, hair trigger locks, pro-level precision, game-changing accuracy, swappable components and limitless customization (button and paddle remapping, thumbstick sensitivity curves and trigger min/max values). This new controller will be for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, came back on stage to present Fallout 4 on Xbox One. There will be a new feature where mods created on PC will be transferable, playable and shareable on Xbox One for free.

Next up is Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer at EA, talking about EA Access. EA access is only 5$ a month and is exclusive to Xbox One. With it, you’ll be able to play new titles first, you’ll pay less for them and you’ll have access to the Vault. The Vault currently contains 12 of the best EA titles and they will add more over time. In addition, having EA Access gives you a 10% off in the Xbox Store, I think only on EA titles, but I’m not sure.

Laurent Detoc, President of Ubisoft Americas, showed us Tom Clancy’s The Division which is set to release in the first quarter of 2016. Xbox One owners will be able to play an exclusive Beta this December. He then talked about Rainbow Six Siege coming out on October 13 2015. Thanks to the backward compatibility, you’ll also be able to play Rainbow Six Vegas and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. These two titles will actually come free with Rainbow Six Siege!

Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, introduced ID@Xbox. It’s a place where you’ll be able to play games from indie developers on Xbox One. Here are some games debuting exclusively on the Xbox One:

  • Tacoma, presented by Steve Gaynor from Fullbright, will be able to be played on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. Out in 2016.
  • Ashen, presented by Derek Bradley from Aurora44, is said to be exclusive to Xbox, although their website says the platform is PC.
  • Beyond Eyes, presented by Sherida Halatoe from tiger&squid, will be available on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. Out this summer.
  • Cuphead, presented by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer from Studio MDHR, will be an Xbox console exclusive and will be out in 2016.

Charla then introduced the Xbox Game Preview which is basicly Early Access on the Xbox One. Players will be able to get a free trial before deciding if they want the game early or if they want to wait. A select number of games will be released on the Game Preview over the next year, including:The Long Dark from Hinterland, Sheltered from Unicube, Elite:Dangerous from Frontier and DayZ from Bohemia Interactive.

Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare, presented the Rare Replay. A collection of 30 hit games for 30$ exclusive to Xbox One and available on August 4 2015. He then announced an Xbox One exclusive new game titled Sea of Thieves.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios, Kudo Tsunoda, announces that they’ve been working with Valve to make the Valve VR available for Windows 10. On top of that, when you buy an Oculus Rift, you’ll get a new Xbox One controller with it! They’ve also been working on the Microsoft HoloLens, which is like an holographic computer that runs with Windows 10. It will be available in January.

Our first look at the HoloLens is with Lydia Winters, Brand Director of Minecraft, Mojang, where she shows what Minecraft will look like with the HoloLens. Saxs Persson from Microsoft Studios put on the HoloLens, took a controller and played Minecraft on his wall. He then abandonned the controller and went to an empty table where, thanks to a HoloLens on the camera, we were able to see his minecraft world on the table! He manipulated the world with his hands and was able to see what was underneath the ground. It looked just like if I was playing on my computer.

Rod Fergusson, sudio head of The Coalition, Microsoft, announced a Gears of War Ultimate Edition exclusive to Xbox One coming out August 25. It’s the original game remade for the Xbox One, which means a wonderfull 1080p60fps! You can play the multiplayer one week public Beta right now though! He then showed us some gameplay of Gears 4 which is coming Holiday 2016.

Here are other games that were announced:

Recore from Keiji Inafune and Armature Studio, exclusive to Xbox One. Coming Spring 2016

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 from Electronic Arts coming Spring 2016.

GT is back in Forza Motorsport 6 from Turn 10 Studios, exclusive to Xbox One and coming September 15th.

Dark Souls III from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and FromSoftware Inc., coming early 2016

Gigantic from Motiga, exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, will be free to play. You can join the Beta in August 2015. Personnaly I think it looks like another TF2 copy, but it still looks fun.

Ion, made by Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, will be available exclusively on PC and Xbox One. It will also be available on the new Game Preview feature of Xbox One.

Rise of the Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, exclusive to Xbox. Available November 10 2015

Fable Legends from Lionhead Studios, exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10. It will be free-to-play on Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold and Windows 10 PC. Available this holiday.


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