New teaser for FNAF 4

I’ve missed two teaser images here I think, I saw them though but I forgot to talk about them here. So here are the two that we missed and then we’ll investigate the new one.

We got a taste of Nightmare Foxy with the writing “out of order”


Then we had a very weird teaser for a long time with only what we assumed to be Freddy’s hat, though it’s purple. At the bottom right corner we can read “Property of Fr………”. Fans think it says “Property of Freddy Fazbear”

freddy-hat-660x440 freddy-hat-brightened-660x440

And now to the new teaser that came out today:

4 - Copie


We have absolutely no idea who this is. It looks like Freddy because of the bowtie, but what’s that face on his belly? His belly also seems fatter than usual. Is it a new animatronic we have never seen before? Or maybe it’s Shadow Freddy? When we play with the lighting and contrast we can see the words “or was it me” on the left side. There also seems to be a little something in his second set of teeth. It kind of looks like Chica’s cupcake. You can also see “Pro……… me” in between the teeth on the belly. Fans are thinking it means “Probably me” which means we would currently be looking at the culprit of the bite of ’87! I also think the purple hat and bowtie we saw in the previous trailer belongs to him since he’s currently wearing a purple bowtie.

What do you guys think of this new teaser?


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