Suicide Squad Trailer

I haven’t talked about this movie before because I didn’t have much to say and I wasn’t really looking into it, but during Comic-Con, Warner Bros. released a trailer for Suicide Squad. I was curious so I watched it. Here it is:

I had seen pictures of the new Joker before and I didn’t like him. He looks way too scary and not insane enough in my taste. He also looks way too young, so in my head he looks more like the son of the real Joker. After watching the trailer, I have two opinions to share.

First there’s just the idea of the movie. I know it’s based on a real comic, but I personnally can’t get used to the idea of villains working for the good guys. It might still be a good movie, but I’m probably going to look at it thinking it’s in an alternate universe or something.

Then there’s Harley Quinn and the Joker. I’m going to imagine they’re both the kids of the real Harley Quinn and the real Joker because I just don’t like how they look. Harley Quinn looks way too young and I hate her hair. It’s not the right shades of red and blue and it’s way too white instead of blond! I just can’t see her as the real Harley Quinn. As for her outfit, I do think it’s too slutty. I don’t mind Harley Quinn not being in the old costume, but I much prefer this modern version of her:


The Joker on the other hand, from the trailer I did sense that he was the right kind of crazy, but I still don’t like his looks. I also don’t like that they added him in this movie because from what I read about the comics, Joker never makes an appearance.

I’m still going to watch this movie when it comes out because it does look good and I’m curious, but like I said, I’m probably going to imagine it’s in an alternate universe with the kids of the real Harley Quinn and the real Joker.


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