Update on the C25K training

I’ve been dreading to write this post for a while now, but I just feel like I owe you guys an explanation. I wrote a while back about my super duper idea for a little training game that I thought would motivate me to actually do my jogs at least until the marathon and I left it there.

If you paid attention and were actually waiting on me to write a post about the improvements I’ve made because you counted and I was supposed to finish the C25K 3 weeks ago then you should have noticed that there weren’t actually a post about that! Want to know why? I slacked off and I’m actually not done with the program.

At the begining of July we went on vacation for 2 weeks so I didn’t jog then. Then when I did start jogging outside I realized I wasn’t enough in shape to start where I thought I was. It’s not a huge setback. Instead of being at Week 6 Day 2 I’m at Week 6 Day 1. Now the thing that keeps me from being motivated to jog outside is my self confidence and the fact that, even though it’s summer, the weather is shitty.

I do have a problem with my self confidence that I need to work on. Deep down inside I’m scared of looking stupid while I jog. It’s one of the reasons I signed up for the marathon, to try and get myself out of my confort zone and actually try to gain some self confidence out of it. It’s hard to start the jog, but once I’m in it I’m in my bubble and nothing bothers me anymore. It’s just the getting started part that I’m having a hard time with.

I was supposed to jog yesterday, but of course the temperature didn’t help at all. I have to tell myself that I’ll have to get used to jogging in cold temperature because the marathon is in October so it’s definitely not going to be hot outside then! I will try to get myself outside tonight and jog. If I do, then you’ll hear back from me on this subject in about 4 weeks. Let’s hope I’ll see you then!


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