Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 RELEASED

FNAF4 was released last week! I wanted to wait until I finised watching Markiplier play until I said anything, but today I watched him finish Night 5 and I just can’t help myself but say something!

We finally saw what happened in the bite of ’87!!! Now I do have to warn you, there will be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t played it yet or haven’t seen it yet, don’t keep reading.

In the game, you play a child in his bedroom at night and we can assume he’s having a nightmare since there’s no way the animatronics can attack him in his home like that and we could read the word “Nightmare” on pretty much all the teaser images Scott showed us.

The nights lead up to a birthday party and in between the nights there are these scenes that you play where you can see a little child crying and either being scared by someone wearing a Foxy head or trying to get out of the restaurant. In the scene after Night 5 we witness the bite of ’87.

What we see happening is the big brother and his three friends all wearing masks of the animatronics and making fun of the little boy crying. They decide to lift him and bring him close to the stage against his will. There, they say he wants to give Fredbear a kiss (as in Golden Freddy) so they throw him in the animatronic’s mouth, where the kid’s head gets bit.

It wasn’t an animatronic malfunction like we all thought! It was just some awful kids throwing a little boy inside the mouth of a moving animatronic! It’s such an awful scenario, but I’m also a bit disappointed that this is all that happened. There are still some questions to be answered and hopefully they will be answered in Night 6, which I should see tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s what I think is the last bit of information we need. We still don’t know who purple guy is, but I think I know who the four kids that were killed are. I think one of the employees was mad that his beloved animatronics had to be put in storage because of what those kids did and decided to kill them. Why I think this? Well, there are four of them and they were wearing masks of Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and Foxy so I think that was a hint to tell us these are the kids inside the suits!

I’m so excited that we might get all our questions answered!


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