Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter came out today on Android and I like it!

It’s a little bit harder than I expected because you need to keep your ressources in the green to keep your dwellers healthy and happy, but it gets harder to do so when you have more and more dwellers. I came very close to having no more water, but now I think I’m handling it pretty well. The happiness level of my dwelles is at 16%, but I’m slowly bringing it back up.

It’s not a very eventful mobile game, but it’s the perfect game to keep on the side while you do other things.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting is the achievements. There are achievements that you can accomplish to gain caps (Fallout currency) or to gain lunchboxes that contain 4 Fallout Shelter cards. These cards get give you outfits, weapons, resources (water, food, power or caps), consumables (RadAway or Stimpak) or dwellers!

I would recommend this game only to people that don’t mind a slow paced mobile game because if you prefer a game where a thousand things are happening at once and there’s action and a million things to do, then you won’t enjoy this game. But if you’re like me and you enjoy a little game where you can do your thing with little to no consequences, then you’ll like this game very much.


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