My return in the college life

I’ve been M.I.A. for a while now because I’ve had some things to prepare and settle before a huge change in my life. Last week I started my classes in college. It’s been a heck of a ride already and it’s only been a week. There are so many things that needed to be adjusted and prepared before I was ready to actually go back. I had to find a daycare for my son, I had to settle some financial bits since I’m not able to work as much as I used to (even though I already didn’t work that much) and there were other personnal things that needed to be dealt with that sadly still aren’t (but that’s not my fault).

The road to here was full of adjustments and there are still some adjustements to come. Finding a daycare turned out to be easier than expected. We were pretty lucky because it only took two attempts to find the perfect one. Technically one attempt. We called one in the beginning of July, but she was going on vacation and said she would call back, but when she never did we checked the website to get her number and call her back ourselves but she wasn’t listed anymore! So we had to find another one, the one we found has a lot of experience and was really nearby so we called her up, met with her and it was love at first sight. My baby barely even acknowledge us while we were talking to the nanny because he was so busy playing with the other kids. We signed with her immediately. I had all sorts of crazy fears and doubts before meeting her, but once we signed, all my fears were gone. I knew I could trust her to take good care of my baby. And she does! He went all week last week from 8a.m. to 5p.m. and he’s doing perfectly fine. Never once cried to not go and once there, he’s super obedient and she has no problem with him at all. Sometimes he even doesn’t want to leave!

Having such a filled schedule means I need to adjust my routine a lot. I need to adjust the time I go to bed because I’m not used to needing to wake up at 7a.m. every morning. Last week I started being extremely exhausted on Wednesday and it only got worst since I had to work all weekend. Which means that today, my eyes can barely stay open. I still haven’t quite managed to adjust my bedtime routine to be able to go to bed earlier than usual. That’s one of my biggest adjustments since I haven’t needed to go to bed early and wake up early for 5 years. Every since I stopped going to college 5 years ago, I’ve only worked in the afternoon or at night, and once we got our son, he slept through the night pretty quickly and only woke up at 9-10a.m.

With one week of college under my belt, I feel like I can add a little thing to my schedule that will need adjustments as I go. I haven’t jogged in about two weeks, maybe three. The main reason is because last time I jogged I hurt my ankle pretty badly and could barely walk for a week. Then I was so busy setting up my things for college that I completely forgot about jogging. Then last week I was way too exhausted to do anything. It will be a huge adjustment because I need to find time in my schedule to jog and I need to make sure it doesn’t hurt my legs too much. Usually when I go jogging, I make sure I don’t have to walk too much the next day because I know my legs will be in pain, but now I walk a lot to go my classes and I go up a bunch of stairs which mean no rest for my legs the day after a jog. I’ll try jogging this afternoon and see where it leads me tomorrow and the rest of the week. If I’m fine after a day or two then I’ll jog again and I’ll go from there. I can’t stress out about that too much since I have a whole new set of things to stress out about.

Right now I’m pretty okay with how I use my time off, I can easily do my homework in between classes or after I’m done for the day. The biggest challenge will be when I start getting the big projects that can take hours and hours to do. Once I start getting those, I might need to readjust my schedule to make sure I don’t end up not finishing a project in time. I’ll keep you all updated and try to write a bit more on here.


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