Oh how I’ve missed you!

Dear Adele,

The first song I heard from you was Set Fire to the Rain and after listening to it I immediately went and bought 19 and 21. I’ve enjoyed those albums so much but I must admit I haven’t listened to your songs in a while now. When I heard you were releasing a new album, 25, at first I thought “wow another album with her age as the title. How unoriginal” and I didn’t think I would buy it since it’s been a while since I listened to your albums and thought it wasn’t worth it.

But then you went and released a video for Hello. I listened to it out of curiosity and oh my goodness the chills! I missed your voice so much! I hadn’t realised it before listening to it again! I remembered I loved your voice, but I definitely did not remember to what extent! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mark the 20th of November on my calendar and wait in the corner for that day to come so I can buy your new album.


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