Games update

When E3 happened last year, I made a list of the games they had announced that I was looking forward to and then never talked about it again. I won’t be able to say much about them today because most of them haven’t gone out yet or I can’t play them because I don’t have the gaming platform they’re on.

Lara Croft GO : Came out on August 27 2015 on Android, iOS and Windows. Still haven’t tried it, but I’ll be sure to try it this month and give you a feedback.

Kingdom Hearts 3 : There’s still no release date, sadly.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X : Release date is TBD

Animal Crossing:Happy Home Designer : Released in North American on September 25 2015, only on the 3DS so I can’t try it yet.

Mario & Luigi:Paper Jam : Released in North American on January 22 2016, another one I can’t try yet because it’s only on Wii U.

Yoshi’s Woolly World : It’s been out since October 16 2015, only on Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda:Tri Force Heroes : Out since October 2015, only on 3DS.

The Last Guardian : No change in what they said at E3. It will be out sometime in 2016 on PS4.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate : Released on October 23 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One and on November 19 2015 for Windows. I haven’t tried it yet because I still want to go through the series (it’s going to take a while since I’m still at the first one haha)

South Park:The Fractured But Whole : Ubisoft’s site still promises a 2016 release, but there hasn’t been any news more than that.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst : Will release in North America on May 24 2016

Unravel : Set to lauch worldwide on February 9 2016. So close!

ReCore : Will now release on Windows and Xbox one as well, the release is still set in 2016, but it has been delayed from what they thought the original release date could have been.

Beyond Eyes : Released on Xbox One on August 4 2015, on Windows on August 11 2015, on PS4 on September 8 2015 and is still TBA on OS X and Linux. I haven’t been able to try it yet.

Fallout Shelter : It released on Android on August 13 2015. I played it for a while, it’s a fun little game. It does get repetitive in the long run, but it’s completely normal for a mobile game in my opinion.

Fallout 4 : It released worldwide on November 10 2015. I honestly don’t have the money to try it yet haha


Tell me if there are some games you think I should try (preferably on PC since it’s the only thing I can play on right now). Also, don’t forget to tell me what you would like me to write about in the future!


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