Fez review

I spent the weekend playing through the game Fez.


Without giving spoilers, it’s a game where you’re in a 2D world, but you can rotate it as if it was a 3D world. You go through various worlds solving puzzles to collect pieces of cubes.

At first I was quite enjoying this cute little game. I liked the idea of rotating to be able to see new things and solve puzzles. Sadly, after a couple levels, the game started being way too complicated. At some point, there are codes you need to make sens of, QR-Codes you need to read (which by the way, I tried two applications and both couldn’t read the codes) and you needed to somehow be able to read the Fezian language. But the worst part was the fact that I couldn’t completely finish the game the first time around because some cubes could only be collected if you had an item from the New Game+. That frustrated me the most. I ended up finishing the game with the help of a walkthrough because I just couldn’t make sens of all these things.

If you’re way smarter than me and very patient, you might still enjoy this game all the way through. Personnally, I didn’t end up enjoying it (especially since the end isn’t even worth all that trouble in my opinion) and I wouldn’t play it again.


p.s.: When I finish my playthrough of Banjo-Tooie on my youtube channel, I’m going to upload a playthrough of this game. I’ll let you know when.

p.p.s.:As usual, don’t be shy to leave a comment with your opinion or suggesting things I could look into for a future post.


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