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My life is currently seperated in 4 different sides. There’s the house wife (technically a house fiancé, but what’s the difference haha) side where I take care keeping the house clean and organized; there’s the mother side where I take care of my son; there’s the student side where I go to school and do my homework; and finaly there’s the gamer side where I play all the games. When it’ll start being warmer outside, I’ll add the fit side where I’ll actually go jog outside. With all those things that need to fit in my daily life, I’m spread pretty thin. Lucky for me, I’m good enough to keep track of everything and be able to stay on top of the most important sides of me (house wife, mother and student). Sadly, that means the gamer side of me isn’t getting all the attention she wants, which sometimes makes me cranky, but you don’t need the details about that haha.

I currently have 33 games I own on Steam that I need to play. Add the games I have on Xbox 360 and on the Wii and I have a very long list of games to play. Add to all of that the games that are in my wishlist that I would love to eventually play and I have more than enough games to last me for a lifetime. Sadly for my sanity, gaming companies keep releasing new games that add themselves to that already super long list, which means it takes me a long while before I can play the recent games. This is the main reason why I’m making this post. I want to keep track of the games that are currently out that I want to play/finish; and to keep you all updated on when you’ll get my opinion on certain games.

First off is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I can’t play that one yet, and I probably won’t be able to play it for a while, because I would like to play all the previous Assassin’s Creed games. I’m currently a bit more than halfway through the first ever Assassin’s Creed on Xbox 360. Sadly, the Xbox is stored away because we didn’t have enough cables to keep it plugged in. I’m probably going to add to my list of things to buy the cable that we need so that I can finish the game in the next 3 years haha. But for now, don’t expect a review of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate any time soon.

Next up is Unravel. I’m currently playing through it, I have 3 levels done on I don’t know how many. I won’t give you a full review now, but I’ll just say that so far it’s a very cute and fun game. I’m probably going to upload some videos of my playthrough on my youtube channel once I’m finished.

Beyond Eyes is in my Steam wishlist. I will eventually buy it and add it to my long list of games I own that I need to play, but it might take a while because I don’t have a lot of money to spare on games each month.

A review of Lara Croft GO will probably come soon since it’s an Android game that costs like 6$. I just need to find the time to buy it and play it.

Now on a slightly different note, I wanted to update you all on the Kingdom Hearts series I had going on here. Remember when I said I would play all the Kingdom Hearts games in chronological order and write you all the story behind the games? Well that’s stilll kind of going. I already wrote Ventus, Terra, and Aqua’s side of the story in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, so you pretty much have the full story for that game, but I’m working on the secret ending to add that to the story. Why is it taking me so long? It’s because I played to game on normal, which means I have to complete the game 100% before being able to see the secret ending. Completing the game 100% on normal mode means collecting absolutely every item, action commands, magic commands there is. It means fighting every monster in the battle arena. It means a bunch of things that is taking me a while to achieve. I am working on it in between playing other games and doing my other duties, but it’s going to take some time for me to actually manage to finish it. Why don’t I just check the ending on youtube? Because I would like for once to see a game completely on my own. I think I’m close to finish it, but don’t expect a full story recap this month… or next month… or maybe the next..

oh and final little game fact, I wasn’t enjoying Banjo-Tooie very much so I stopped playing it. Which means, I started uploading my FEZ playthrough on my youtube channel. If you want to watch it, here’s a link to the playlist:

P.S.: Don’t be shy to leave a comment with your opinion or with suggestions for anything!


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