Unravel Review


Remember when I said I was playing through Unravel? Well I finished it 🙂

It is such a wonderful game! Each chapter tells a story, I don’t know if each story is linked together, but they are beautiful stories. It’s so cute and you get so attached to little Yarny. I love how they managed to make us see/feel his emotions even though it’s just a little yarn figure with only eyes.

Another concept that I loved in the game is the fact that you actually see him losing yarn the more you advance and your checkpoints are balls of yarn to replenish. It happened to me a few times that I would run out of yarn before reaching the checkpoint so I had to figure out another way to solve the puzzles.

Each level has multiple puzzles to advance and secret flowers made of buttons and yarn that you need to find. I had a hard time finding those secrets, but other than that the puzzles were fun to solve. There are 3 I think that I needed to check a walkthrough, but to solve it I just had to do something that I always forgot I could do haha.

Final verdict: Definitely recommend everyone to play this cute little game!


P.S.: When I’m done posting my Fez playthrough on my youtube channel I’m going to post my playthrough of Unravel 🙂


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