KH: Birth by Sleep – full story (pt.1)

Along with the written story I’m going to post here, I recorded all the cutscenes of the game from each caracter and put them together in the order I thought fit best according to the timeline. It will obviously be posted in several parts because the all the cutscenes together is like 5-6 hours worth of footage. I’ll post the videos that are relevent with what I write here so you can watch them if you need more details (or if you just want to skip reading what I wrote and just watch it happen haha)

Terra and Aqua take the test to know who gets to be a Keyblade Master. Aqua is given the coveted title, but Terra wasn’t able to fight back the darkness and is denied the title of Keyblade Master. Terra storms off alone. While thinking on the steps, Master Xehanort arrives and tells him he can’t defeat the darkness within him since light can’t exist without darkness. He also mentions that Terra could train however long he wanted, but Master Eraqus would never see him as a Master. Terra then hears bells and runs back inside. While Terra was having his talk with Master Xehanort, Aqua was getting her information about being a Master when a bell rings and Master Eraqus goes behind his seat to talk to someone through a portal (?). Terra arrives in the room just in time to receive instructions from Eraqus. Eraqus learned from Master Yen Sid that the worlds are being attacked by the Unversed. Eraqus asks Aqua and Terra to eliminate them because they are threatening the Princesses of Heart. He also mentions that Master Xehanort has conveniently gone missing. When Terra leaves the room, Master Eraqus asks Aqua to stay. He asks her to keep an eye on Terra and that if she notices the darkness taking over him, she should bring him back home. While Terra and Aqua are getting their instructions, Ventus goes back to his room and is faced with a masked boy that tells him Terra is changing and tells him that by the time Ventus catches up, Terra won’t be the same. Ventus hurries outside to stop Terra from leaving, but doesn’t manage to stop him. Without hesitation, Ventus leaves his home to venture in other worlds to catch up to Terra. Master Eraqus sees Ventus leaving and urges Aqua to find him quick and bring him back.

The first stop on the timeline is with Terra in the Enchanted Dominion. When he arrives, he meets Maleficent and falls in her trap. She tells Terra she saw someone leave the castle and she heard the person talk about imprisoning the light. She told Terra he might have been talking about Princess Aurora. Terra makes his way to the door of Aurora’s room and finds it sealed. He breaks the seal and walks inside. There, Maleficent appears and takes control of Terra to take Aurora’s pure heart. Once he’s out of Maleficent’s control, Terra demands to know what she has done to him. Maleficent tells him she simply awoke the darkness that was already inside of him. Terra leaves the Enchanted Dominion wondering why Xehanort was after the pure hearts.

His next stop is the Dwarf Woodlands. He lands in the Evil Queen’s chambers and sees her talking to her all-knowing mirror. He interrupts her to ask if she coul ask her mirror where Master Xehanort is. The Evil Queen tells him she’ll ask the mirror only if he kiss Snow White and brings her her heart. While Terra is talking with the Evil queen, Ventus arrives in the mines and meets the seven dwarves. He asks for their help but they want nothing to do with him. Terra, on the other side, finds Snow White and sees she has a pure heart. He decides that instead of killing her he would ask her if she knows Master Xehanort. While talking to her, Unversed appear behind her and he takes out his sword to protect her. Sadly, she doesn’t see the monsters and only sees Terra taking out his sword. Terrified, Snow White runs away in the forest, leaving Terra to fight the Unversed. In the forest, Ventus comes accross Snow White and protects her while she makes her way back to her house. There, he finds out she lives with the seven dwarves and, since he saved Snow White, he is finally able to ask the dwarves and Snow if they’ve seen Terra. Snow White tells him she did see a strange boy, but she thought he wanted to attack him and so she ran. On the other side, Terra makes his way back to the Evil Queen where she enchants her mirror to suck in Terra and fight him. Terra eventually wins and the mirror gives him a cryptic answer before he leaves: “Beyond both light and dark he dwells, where war was waged upon the fells”. Meanwhile, Ventus hurries to the spot where Snow White says she last saw Terra, but he only crosses paths with an old woman. Without any more leads, Ventus leaves the Dwarf Woodlands.


KH: Birth by Sleep playlist


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