KH: Birth by Sleep – full story (pt.3)

Along with the written story I’m going to post here, I recorded all the cutscenes of the game from each caracter and put them together in the order I thought fit best according to the timeline. It will obviously be posted in several parts because the all the cutscenes together is like 5-6 hours worth of footage. I’ll post the videos that are relevent with what I write here so you can watch them if you need more details (or if you just want to skip reading what I wrote and just watch it happen haha)

The star shard brings Mickey and Ven in Radiant Garden. While Ventus tries to follow Micky to the castle, Terra arrives, sees Master Xehanort in the distance and tries to follow him but gets distracted by an old man that dropped his book.He brings back the book to Merlin before chasing after an Unversed. Aqua then arrives and asks Uncle Scrooge if he’s seen a boy that doesn’t seem from around here. He tells her he did see a boy run to the castle. While Aqua makes her way to the castle, Ven starts chasing after an Unversed. Aqua makes her way to the castle where she saves a little girl with the help of Mickey. They both agree there’s light in little Kairi and that they should protect her. Mickey’s star shard then sends him off some place else. Aqua casts a spell on Kairi so that, if she’s ever in trouble, the light within her will bring her to someone else’s light that can protect her. Aqua then follows an Unversed and meets Ven and Terra. The three Unversed that Aqua, Ven and Terra had each followed formed one giant Unversed. After defeating it, Aqua admits she was following Terra to make sure he didn’t go off the rails. Angry, Terra leaves Ven and Aqua alone. After Terra leaves, Aqua asks Ven to go back home, but, angry at Aqua, Ven refuses again. After leaving Aqua and Ven, a man naimed Braig approaches Terra and tells him he captured Xehanort. Terra fights with Braig to deliver Master Xehanort. He manages to beat him, but only after using the darkness. While Terra fights Braig, Ven is fighting off some Unversed that attacked a child. After defeating them, he catches up with Terra and asks him to go with him, but Terra says he can’t do that and comforts Ven by telling him he knows Ven will be there when he needs him the most. While Ven and Terra are talking, Aqua is faced with Vanitas. She manages to defeat him before Ven catches up to her. He then finds Aqua and asks her if he can go with her, but she tells him he should go home. Once Terra is gone, we see Xehanort talking to Braig about how they managed to trick Terra into using the darkness.

After leaving Radiant Garden, Terra finds himself in Disney Town where he races against the Unversed, to defeat them, and Captain Dark, to teach him to play by the rules. He himself learns that you don’t have to bend the rules to win. Ventus arrives in Disney Town after Terra left and he meets Huey, Dewey and Louie while they’re trying to repair their ice cream machine. Captain Justice forces his help on the trio and simple ends up beating up the machine. Ventus proposes his help and he manages to fix the machine. For repairing the machine, the three brothers let Ventus try out their game. After the game, Ven leaves Disney Town, happy to have made new friends. Aqua makes her way in Disney Town last and is asked to play Fruitball to defeat the Unversed that have been ruining the game. After winning the game, she attends the Million Dreams Award ceremony, which actually goes to her, Ven and Terra. Pete is so mad and is so rude that Minnie finally has enough of his attitude and sends him in prison. There, Pete is delivered by Maleficent with the agreement that he’ll do whatever she says.

Ventus goes to the Olympus Coliseum where he meets Hercules and Zack. They’re arguing with Phil on who he should train to become a hero. Phil tells them he’ll watch both of their matches in the Games then decide who he should train. Seeing how desperate Hercules seems, he proposes to help him train for the Games. After a series of matches followed by a fight against the Unversed, Phil announces he’ll keep training Hercules. Terra lands in the Olympus Coliseum after Ven left and meets Hercules. After defeating some Unversed together, Hercules invites Terra to participate in the Games. While making his way to his first battle, Hades stops Terra and tricks him into thinking that fighting in the Games will help him control his darkness. After Terra leaves to fight, Hades comes across a boy named Zack and puts a spell on him to make him dark and more powerful. Terra ends up fighting against Zack and delivers him from the darkness. Zack, extremely impressed, tells Terra that he’s his hero. Once Terra is gone, it’s Aqua’s turn to visit the Olympus Coliseum. She learns that Terra was there and had won the Games. Phil convinces Aqua that Terra might come back to defend his title if she were to join the Games. She decides to enter and fights her way to the semi-finals, where she fights against Zack. After defeating him, Aqua thinks she’ll now go up against Terra, but he is not there and she ends up going against Hades and a giant ice monster. After a conversation with Zack and then one with Hercules, Aqua leaves.


KH: Birth by Sleep playlist


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