KH: Birth by Sleep – full story (pt.4)

Along with the written story I’m going to post here, I recorded all the cutscenes of the game from each caracter and put them together in the order I thought fit best according to the timeline. It will obviously be posted in several parts because the all the cutscenes together is like 5-6 hours worth of footage. I’ll post the videos that are relevent with what I write here so you can watch them if you need more details (or if you just want to skip reading what I wrote and just watch it happen haha)

After winning the Games, Terra finds his way in Deep Space where he helps Dr. Jumba Jookiba deliver Experiment 626, after breaking himself and Jumba out of prison. 626 lunges on Terra and takes his Wayfinder (gift from Aqua). Terra starts panicking and begs 626 to not break it because it was a gift from his friend. His sudden outburst makes Terra realize how much friendship means to him. He then tries to explain what friendship is to 626, but an alarm goes off informing the guards the prisonners escaped. Terra takes this alarm as a hint it’s time for him to leave. When Aqua arrives in Deep Space, the guards immediately arrest her and bring her in front of the Grand Councilwoman. After mentionning an infestation of Unversed, Aqua volonteers to take care of it and to look for Experiment 626 and Dr. Jumba. Aqua stumbles upon 626 while he’s desperately searching for something while saying “Terra”. She isn’t able to catch him long enough to ask him how he knows Terra so she continues her hunt outside. There, she finds a pretend Wayfinder she thinks might belong to 626. Aqua finds him and gives back the Wayfinder before Captain Gantu arrives to neutralize 626. Aqua fights against Gantu to protect Experiment 626 and defeats him. Before he can go against his orders, the Grand Councilwoman stops him. Aqua convinces her that 626 might not be as dangerous as she thinks he is. After convincing the Grand Councilwoman to spare 626 if he behaves, Aqua leaves the ship. Ven then arrives on the ship and meets Experiment 626, who knows Terra and Aqua’s names and carried something that looked like the wayfinder Aqua had made for Ven and Terra. An alarm goes off before Ven can get answers from 626 and he goes to fight an Unversed. He is joined by Experiment 626 in the battle and together they beat the Unversed. Captain Gantu arrives after the fight and tries to kill Experiment 626, but Ven helps 626 escape before Gantu can lay a hand on him.

Ven travels to Neverland where he meets Tinkerbell and the lost boys. Tinkerbell informs them she saw a shooting star fall from the sky the night before and the boys start helping her find it. While they’re looking for that, Terra arrives on the other side of the island and meets Captain Hook. Hook tricks Terra into thinking that there’s light in the chest and that Peter Pan wants to steal it. Thinking he’s doing the right thing, Terra decides to help protect the chest. On the other side, Peter Pan flies in the middle of Ven and the others’ search for the shooting star and takes the lost boys with him to find Hook’s treasure. When Peter Pan arrives near the chest, Terra is there guarding it and they end up fighting. While they’re fighting, the lost boys try to get away with the chest, but they fall and the chest opens on the ground. Seeing it’s actually gold that’s in the chest, Terra stops fighting Peter Pan and tells him about Hook’s plan to kidnap Tinkerbell. On Ven’s side, while Terra and Peter were fighting, he was faced with Hook and couldn’t stop him from taking Tinkerbell. Peter Pan arrives and Ven tells him what Hook did and how he said to meet him at a certain location. Knowing it’s a trap, Pan asks Ven to act as a distraction while he delivers Tinkerbell. Meanwhile, Terra stays near the chest until Hook arrives. When Hook shows him Tinkerbell, Terra sets her free and fights off Hook. After Hook gets scared away by the crocodile, the lost boys come out of their hiding and take away the chest. Ven arrives at the meeting place where he fights against Hook while Peter messes with Hook’s ship. After the fight, Ven and Peter meet up with the lost boys and, thanks to Terra’s advice, they fill the chest with their most beloved items. Tinkerbell goes to put in the shooting star, but Ven recognises it as Mickey’s star shard and asks if he could have it. As soon as he touches it, he is whisked away to another location. After all the action is over, Aqua arrives in Neverland where she also meets Peter Pan and the lost boys. They found a treasure map and she helps them follow it. When they arrive in front of a very tall waterfall, the lost boys doubt their ability to fly all the way up. Peter Pan seems to force them up even though they’re scared, but once they’re up there Aqua sees that Peter forced them only to give them courage. They find themselves in front of Captain Hook claiming the treasure is his. When he opens the chest, he finds only what he says is junk. Peter gets mad and tells him it’s not junk, it’s their treasure. Before Hook can retaliate, he hears the crocodile and runs away. Aqua sees Ven’s wooden sword in the chest and Peter tells him he left it there and said he would visit them again someday. While Peter and the lost boys leave, Aqua senses a dark presence and goes on her own way to investigate. She finds herself fighting Vanitas again after he destroys Ven’s wooden sword.

The star shard brings Ven to the Mysterious Tower where he lands in front of Donald and Goofy. Seeing the star shard, they think Ven knows exactly where their king is so they bring him in front of Yen Sid. Now knowing that Mickey isn’t travelling from world to world anymore, Yen Sid is able to locate him. Ven recognizes the Badlands and sets off to save Mickey. While Ven is talking with Master Yen Sid, Terra feels a warm light while travelling between worlds and follows it. He finds himself on Destiny Islands. There, he meets a child named Riku and tells him about the other worlds. Riku tells Terra he wants to be strong one day to be able to protect what matters to him: his friends. He mentions hearing about a kid that once managed to leave for good and that’s how he knows he can leave the islands. Terra, touched by what the young boy said, bequeaths the Keyblade’s power to Riku and, before leaving, tells him that this way he will also become a Keyblade Wielder someday. While traveling in the Lanes Between, Aqua sees a light and decides to follow it. She arrives in Destiny Islands where she meets Riku and Sora. She wanted to bequeath the power to one of those boys, but before she could, she sensed someone had already bequeathed the power to Riku. Aqua thinks there should only be one in a friendship with the power to spare them from what was going on between her, Ven and Terra. So she doesn’t bequeath the power to Sora, but instead asks him to look after Riku and keep him safe.


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