KH: Birth by Sleep – full story (pt.7 – Finale)

Along with the written story I’m going to post here, I recorded all the cutscenes of the game from each caracter and put them together in the order I thought fit best according to the timeline. It will obviously be posted in several parts because the all the cutscenes together is like 5-6 hours worth of footage. I’ll post the videos that are relevent with what I write here so you can watch them if you need more details (or if you just want to skip reading what I wrote and just watch it happen haha)

I actually didn’t unlock the Final Episode because I would’ve had to beat Xehanort again and I really didn’t want to do that since I had such a hard time the first time. Here’s the video I looked at to know what happens in the Final episode and the Break Point:
Wrath of Zalis:

The Final Episode starts with Aqua leaving Yen Sid’s tower with Ventus, still sleeping, on her back. After saying she needs to take him to a safe place, Ven takes out his Keyblade and makes a portal appear. Not knowing where it leads, but sure that this is where Ven wants to go, Aqua goes through the portal. She is transported in their destroyed home. Aqua grabs Master Eraqus’ Keyblade from the ground and makes her way inside. Back in the room where she did her test at the beginning, we hear a flashback of Master Eraqus telling Aqua about a secret only the Masters know about. With Eraqus’ Keyblade, Aqua is able to hide the Land of Departure from everyone except her. Knowing Ven will be safe there, Aqua leaves to find Terra.
She finds him in Radient Garden, not quite himself. He lifts Aqua off the ground and asks her who he is. She senses the darkness and tells Terra to fight it. Remembering who he is, Terra-Xehanort tells Aqua that Terra’s heart has been smothered by the darkness within him. Aqua sees no other choice than to fight him. While fighting, Terra-Xehanort’s body starts being illuminated by a golden light. While fighting back, Terra manages to put the Keyblade to his heart, releasing the darkness. The darkness melts at Terra’s feet and he falls into it, with Aqua jumping in after him. Inside the darkness, Aqua reaches Terra thanks to her vehicle, but she knows they both won’t be able to get out. She takes off her armor and makes it fly off with Terra into the light while she falls in the darkness.
In Destiny Islands, we see Sora and Riku walking on the beach when suddenly Riku notices Sora has tears on his face. Sora says it feels like something is squeezing him on the inside. Riku tells him somebody up there must be sad and they’re waiting for Sora to help them. He tells Sora to open his heart and listen. Sora closes his eyes. In the Land of Departure, we see Ven sitting on the chair and we hear Sora asking if he can hear him.
Back in Radient Garden, Braig leads some man to Terra’s body. The man asks his name and Terra answers “Xehanort”.
Inside the darkness, we see Aqua walking on a path. She starts being surrounded by huge monsters made of darkness She takes out Eraqus’ Keyblade, but seeing more of them pop up, she starts giving up. Suddenly, two glowing Keyblades destroy the monsters before dissapearing. Looking at her Wayfinder, she remembers all the friends she’s made in the worlds she visited and says there’s always a way.
After the credits, we see Sora inside his heart. A light is approaching and Sora asks if he can hear him. Ven answers that Sora’s voice cut through the darkness around him and lead him here. It gave him a second chance, but now he has to go back to sleep. He asks Sora if he minds if he stays here for a bit and Sora agrees. Back out of his thoughts, Sora tells Riku he thinks it worked.

I won’t write what happens in the Break Point because it looks a lot like a commercial, but if you visit the video I linked above you’ll be able to see it for yourself.

KH: Birth by Sleep playlist


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