Lara Croft GO review & Monthly Games Update

I finished playing Lara Croft GO not long ago and man on man was it good! At first I didn’t like that you can only move one square at a time, but it ended up being very usefull in later puzzles. On top of the puzzles to go forward in each level, the completionist in me loved that there are collectibles. Throughout the levels you can find urns that have gems inside or parts of a treasure. Some of them super hard to find, and some of them are in plain sight.

The puzzles were easy at first and I thought it would just be a boring game, but then the puzzles started getting harder and more monsters with different ways to move were introduced and it got to the point where it could take me a day or two before solving a puzzle. Even though I personnally found some puzzle way too hard, I still managed to solve them and I really enjoyed them.

To my surprise, this little mobile puzzle game actually had some sort of story. You play Lara Croft (obviously) and you go through a tomb to be able to reach the big treasure. At the end of each level you can see a giant snake thing following you and at the final stage avoiding him becomes part of the puzzles.

It’s a really well made game and if you like puzzle games you’ll definitely enjoy Lara Croft GO.


As a second part to this post, I’m just going to do a little update on the games on my list to play:

  • Still haven’t been able to play Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, nor any of the Assassin’s Creed games.
  • I finished playing Unravel. You can read my review here.
  • I haven’t played or bought Beyond Eyes yet.
  • I finished Lara Croft GO, obviously haha.
  • Still no news on when Kingdom Hearts III will release.
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X has been out since April 7! I’ll be able to have a look at it as soon as I get a minute to myself!
  • The Last Guardian: No official release date, but it’s still due to release in 2016
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole : No change on the date. It still says 2016 on Ubisoft’s site.
  • No change for ReCore, still set to release sometime in 2016.

If there’s a game that was on my original list but isn’t here it’s either because I’ve played it and told you about it already or it’s out but I can’t play it because it’s on a console I don’t have (and I’ve already told you about it).


p.s.: I started a playthrough of Dust: An Elysian Tail on my youtube channel. Go check it out and tell me what you think!


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