Book challenge!

I’ve loved reading ever since I was little. My mom would read so much and she used to be my school’s librarian so I was raised to be a book lover haha. I used to read so much, but ever since I had my son I can’t find the time to read; and, honestly, I miss it. I miss being sucked in a story and forget about the world around me. I miss all the different emotions I could feel towards the characters. I even miss the smell of a book. This is why I’ve decided to give myself a challenge.

I want to be able to set aside a time during my day when I will read. It will probably be before bed since it’ll help me relax before falling asleep. But my challenge isn’t just to make sure I read during my day, I want to be able to finish a book every month. I used to be able to finish a book in two days when I was really into the story, so one book per month should be pretty easy. It’ll be even easier soon since my semester ends on May 25.

For this month, I’ve already started the book a couple weeks ago, but since I wasn’t able to give it enough time to read, I’m not even halfway through. So for the month of May I want to finish reading The Dark Lady by Mike Resnick.

Another thing this adds is a review of the book every month if you’re interested in my opinion! Before The Dark Lady I read Surrender by Rhiannon Paille. If you want a review of that book, I’ll get to it next week 🙂 Just let me know!

It could also be an opportunity to do some kind of book club. If you’re interested by the book I’m reading during the month, you can read it too and at the end we can share our thoughts 🙂


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