The Dark Lady //Review + Book of the Month


The Dark Lady, written by Mike Resnick is set about 3 000 years from now (maybe more, I have absolutely no idea) and follows Leonardo, an alien art dealer. In this day and age, humans have found many more habitable planets and galaxies filled with different types of aliens and most of them are now living peacefully together, although there is still a bit of racism on certain planets. Leonardo is a Bjornn that was raised to be in the art business and he ended up working for a company of art dealers. He finds himself being employed by a very rich man that wants him to find portraits of a certain lady that has appeared in statues, paintings and hollograms over the years. While searching for those art pieces, Leonardo finds himself wondering who this woman is and this question launches him on an adventure he never thought he would be on.

I had a bit more trouble getting into the story of this book since I’m not quite used to reading sci-fi, but, after a while, I found myself very immersed in the story and wanting to know more about this Dark Lady as well. I found it quite interesting how the author redirected racism towards aliens instead of towards people of color; as if to say that even thousands of years from now racism is still going to exist even if the target is different. It’s a sad message, but still interesting. I quite enjoyed the story and recommend it to anyone that likes this genre.

If you read The Dark Lady, tell me what you thought about it!



On a side note, we are now beginning a new month, which means it’s time to start a new book! Next one on my list is Assemblers of Infinity from Kevin J. Anderson
and Doug Beason.



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