E3 2015 Games Update

This update is starting to get short and repetitive haha! Luckily for us, E3 2016 is this month! This means that my next E3 Games update might have a couple titles added to the list!

  • I haven’t played or bought Beyond Eyes yet, but it is in my wishlist on Steam so I should get to it soon enough.
  • Still no news on when Kingdom Hearts III will release.
  • I’ve been slowly playing through Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, I have a pretty good idea of what the game is like, but I’m going to play a bit more just to be sure that I don’t lie to you all!
  • The Last Guardian: No official release date, but it’s still due to release in 2016
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole : No change on the date. It still says 2016 on Ubisoft’s site and you can pre-order it if you want.
  • No change for ReCore, the trailer on their site says it’ll release in Spring 2016… Spring is almost over and we still have no official release date.

If there’s a game that was on my original list but isn’t here it’s either because I’ve played it and told you about it already or it’s out but I can’t play it because it’s on a console I don’t have (and I’ve already told you about it).


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