E3 2016: EA conference

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts started off the conference by announcing they were doing a conference in London at the same time. He went on to mention the games that will be talked about. Then, he announced a 64-player livestreamed match of Battlefield 1 that will take place after the conference.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment then took the stage to talk about Titanfall 2. He showed the trailer and announced 6 new Titans, each with their own unique combat abilities, expended pilot gameplay, more customisation options and deep progression system. He then confirmed there would be a singleplayer campain and showed the trailer. It will come out on PS4 for the first time, Xbox One and PC on October 28, 2016.

Peter Moore, Chief competition officer of EA showed Madden NFL 17 trailer and announced new competitive mode and weekly online contests. He also said there would be 3 new ways to compete: The challenger events – ability to host your own tournaments; the premiere series – large scale live events they host with partners from inside and outside of the gaming world; and the EA Major events – events ran by EA on global stage. He announced there would be 1 million dollars in total prize money for Madden 17 championship series this year.

Aaryn Flynn, General manager of Bioware talked about Mass Effect : Andromeda. He said it would be in a new galaxy where you are the alien. There would be a whole new cast of characters and it will be powered by frostbite. A trailer was shown after he said they would talk more about it this Fall.

Peter Moore came back to talk about FIFA 17. He brought Alex Hunter on stage to announce that FIFA 17 would have a story mode about his journey and showed a trailer. It should be out in September. They will include 3 managers in the game. Aaron McHardy, producer, then came on the stage to announce 4 big transformations: rewritten set pieces, physical play overhaul, new intelligence system so players are smarter and more active off the ball and new attacking techniques. Then they showed some game engine footage.

Patrick Söderlund, EVP of EA Studios announced their new program: EA Originals. This program is to support smaller developers by funding and offering them a level of security. All profits will go back in the hands of the developers. He then introduced Klaus Lyngeled, CEO/Creative Director of Zoink Games who presented their game Fe. It’s a story about our relationship with nature. You wake up as a young cub all alone. He doesn’t know who he is and he doesn’t know where he is. Each plant and each animal has its own unique song that it uses to communicate and you can connect with them to learn their songs and advance. You’re not the only newcomer though: the Silent Ones. They corrupt the forest and silence nature. The game won’t tell you where to go or what to do. A trailer was shown.

Jade Raymond, general manager of motive studios came to talk about what’s in store for their Star Wars games. She announced that Galaxy of Heroes, Old Republic and Battlefront would be getting fresh new content all year long. There will be a new installment of Battlefront next year lead by Dice in collaboration with Motive, adding more of what the players want, including content from the new films. In 2018 a new action adventure from Visceral will release and will include original narrative and new characters. Respawn Entertainment is exploring a different Star Wars era for their third person action adventure game.

Patrick Söderlund then talked about Battlefield 1. He showed some in-game footage, then welcomed to the stage Patrick Bach, general manager of Dice. He said that no battle is ever the same and annouced intuitive destruction that will create unlimited gameplay possibilities as you impact the world around you. There will also be dynamic weather that will change unpredictably so you’ll have to change how you play according to the weather. They will also include impressive vehicles, introducing behemoths. The game will launch worldwide on October 21st and there will be an open Beta this summer.


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