E3 2016: Microsoft conference

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, introduced the Xbox One S starting at 299$ this August. It has up to 2TB internal HDD, IR Blaster, integrated power supply, HDR gaming and 4K Ultra HD Video and Blu-ray. It will come with the new Xbox Wireless controller with textured grip, Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth and increased ranged.

Rod Fergusson, Co-Creator and Studio Head of The Coalition, announced Xbox Play Anywhere. When you buy a game digitally you can play it on Xbox One and on PC with Windows 10 and there’s no additional cost. He then went on to talk about Gears of War 4 and how the co-op campaign will support cross-play. He welcomed to the stage Laura Bailey, co-star and voice of Kait in Gears of War 4, to play a bit of Gears. Gears of War 4 will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10 and will come out October 11th 2016.

Rukari Austin, community manager at Microsoft Studios came to announce that Killer Instinct will be getting a new character: General Raam from Gears of War.

Ralph Fulton, creative director at Playground Games announced Forza Horizon 3. It will be an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. He brought on stage four people to show some gameplay, including a co-op campaign. The game is set to come out September 27th, 2016

A new trailer for ReCore was shown, which introduced us to the characters. Joule, the fearless leader, Mack, the explorer, Seth, the escape artist and Duncan, the heavy hitter. It’s set to release on September 13 2016.

Hajime Tabata, director at Square Enix, and Mathew Kishimoto, senior product marketing manager at Square Enix, presented Final Fantasy XV. They played a demo and announced the game would be out on September 30th, 2016

It was announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division: Underground will come out first on Xbox One starting June 28th.

Patrick Bach, general manager at Dice, came to talk about Battlefield 1 and announced it would be out on October 13th for Xbox Players with EA Access and on October 21st for the others.

Mike Ybarra, head of platform engineering at Xbox talked about how they were building a faster and more reliable Xbox Live. Starting this Fall, you will now be able to have background music – create your own sound track on the service you love -, language region independence – play in the language you want, anywhere -, Cortana – a digital assistant with voice recognition on your Xbox -, Xbox Live available on Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android, Clubs on Xbox Live – create communities -, Looking for Group on Xbox Live – it’s like a want ad – , Arena on Xbox Live – a tournament platform.

Lydia Winters and Saxs Persson from the Minecraft Team announced that iOS, Android and Windows 10 can cross-play with Xbox. They also introduced Minecraft Realms and welcomed John Carmak, Chief Technology Officer at Oculus, to join their Realm in Gear VR. They announced Texture Packs and Add-ons coming this Fall; and they will have more news and other surprises at Minecon.

A commercial for customable Xbox controllers was shown. Xbox Design Lab lets you design your controller and they build it.

Chris Charla, director at ID@Xbox showed their new game, Inside, which will release on June 29th . To celebrate, Limbo is now free on Xbox One. He then showed some independent games that are available or will be available on Xbox One: Cuphead – StudioMDHR, Outlast II – Red Barrels, Deliver us the Moon – KeokeN Interactive, Flint Hook – Tribute, Far – mixtvision Digital and Mr.Whale’s Game Service, Slime Rancher – Monomi Park, Shadow Tactics – Daedalic Entertainment and Mimimi Productions, Figment – Bedtime Digital Games, The Culling – Xaviant, For the King – IronOak Games, Beacon – Monothetic, Stardew Valley – Chucklefish, Hand of Fate 2 – Defiant Development, Below – Capybara Games, Raiders – Mercury Steam, Bloodstained – Inti Creates and ArtPlay, Yooka-Laylee – Team 17 and Playtonic, Everspace – Rockfish Games.

Guillaume Provost, creative director and founder of Compulsion Games announced We Happy Few. In this game, it seems to be a world where you take Joy pills to stay happy (some sort of brainwash) and when you stop taking them you’re a downer and they hunt you. It will be out on Xbox Game Preview July 26th

Damien Monnier, lead designer at CD Projekt Red announced they did an official Gwent The Witcher Card Game. It will have the cross-play feature. On top of the card game, it will have a single player campaign.

Katsuhiro Harada, game director and chief producer of fighting games at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., and Michael Murray, game designer at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. , announced that Tekken7 will be coming to Xbox One. On top of being a competitive game, it will have a story mode. It should be available early 2017 and to celebrate, Xbox Live Gold members can get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free.

A trailer for Dead Rising 4 was shown and it is set to come out this Holiday on Xbox One and Windows 10

Hideki Kamiya, creative director of Platinum Games anounced ScaleBound, which will be available in 2017 and will be an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive.

Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare showed some gameplay of Sea of Thieves that will be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive.

A trailer for State of Decay 2 was shown and it was announced that it will be coming in 2017. It will be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive.

Dan Ayoub, studio head of strategy games at 343 industries announced Halo Wars 2, which will be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. There will be a new enemy: The Banished. It’s set to release February 21st 2017.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox announced Project Scorpio, their new console coming Holiday 2017. It will have 6 teraflops of computing capability, 4k resolution, 60 hertz rendering, 8 CPU cores, 320 gb per second of memory bandwidth and premiere VR experience. Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio games and accessories will all be compatible.


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