E3 2016: PC Gaming Show

Philippe Boulle, game director at Relic Entertainment, and Brent Disbrow, game lead at Relic Entertainment talked about Dawn of War 3 and showed a world premiere gameplay with pre-alpha footage.

Trailer for Oxygen not Included – from the makers of Don’t Starve. It’s a colony simulation game by Klei that will be coming late 2016/early 2017.

Forest Rapczak, community relations at Studio Wildcard, and Jesse Rapczak, co-founder and co-creator at Studio Wildcard talke about what was coming to Ark. They introduced a new biome with trees that can’t be harvested so you can build tree houses and a new dinosaur, the biggest one yet. You will be able to build a fortress on the dinosaur, if you can tame it, because it can’t be tamed like the other dinosaurs; you’ll need to use new tactics. They also talked about the Primitive Plus mod that will be available later in July on the official servers and Primal Survival, where you can play as the animals.

Trailer for Giant Cop that’s coming in Fall 2016. It’s a VR game where you’re this giant cop (like the title says) and you can pick up people and throw them around. You can receive tasks from citizens and you solve them as you like. They showed a guy that got his plant stolen and when Giant Cop found the thief he slapped him into the horizon.

Frank Eliott, community manager at Taleworlds Entertainment announced Mount and Blade 2. With this game, they will give players all the tools needed to create their own mods and they’ll also be able to combine different mods when playing.

Day[9], the host, described this game as a game inspired by Dark Souls, but set in a Sci-Fi world before showing the trailer for The Surge by Deck 13.

Cliff Bleszinski, ceo and co-founder of Boss Key Productions showed a new map for Law Breakers: Promenade.

Lisa Su, Chief executive officer at AMD announced the new series of graphics card: Radeon RX 480, for premium VR,  RX 470, full HD, 1080p and 60fps, and RX 460, focused on esports, will release June 29th. She then showed an Alienware VR backpack with a computer inside equiped with the RX 480. She then announced that Serious Sam would be in VR this Summer.

Pre-alpha demo of the new game from the makers of Life is Strange was shown: Vampyr

John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive talked about what is coming for Killing Floor 2. He introdused a new content pack: Bulls-eye. This pack will have more weapons, more ways to kill, a Player vs Zed mode where you can play as the monsters, new perk (sharpshooter), new character (Rae Higgins) and Community maps made official (Containment Station, Hostile Grounds). The content pack is available now and they are planning to leave early access this Fall. To celebrate, you can play for free this week-end on Steam starting Thursday until Monday. He then brought on stage Anna Sweet, head of developer strategy at Oculus to show an entirely new game: Killing Floor Incursion for Oculus Touch. Anna Sweet then announced SuperHot for Oculus Touch, which is a Matrix-like experience.

A trailer for Tyranny from Obsidian was shown. In this game, you play the evil guy and you can institute the law from above or use the banner to institute your own.

Rafal Basaj, PR/Marketing manager at Bloober Team showed some gameplay footage of Observer, a horror game where you hack people’s minds and memories.

Jason Coleman, president at Sparkypants studios announced DropZone, a game that combines the strategy of a classic RTS and the fast-pace tactical combat of a MOBA.

Jay Crowe, creative director at Bohemia Interactive announced Arma 3: Apex, which is set to release July 11 2016. Pre-order now and get sneak preview access.

A trailer for The Turring Test from Bulkhead and Square Enix was shown. It’s a Sci-Fi Story with a linear story, but there are elements underneath to be discovered that changes the meaning of the story.

Heather Penn, Artist at Finji showed a trailer for Overland, a survival strategy game where you take a road trip across a post-apocalyptic North American. In every level you have to manage your supplies to go as far as possible. First access round 3 begins June 13 on itch.io

Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO and founder of Novaquark showed some pre-alpha build footage of Dual Universe. In this game, everyone starts in the Ark ship and from there you can go your own way to explore the galaxy and create your own civilisation. They’re hoping to release Alpha in early 2017

Dan Ayoub, studio head of strategy games development at 343 Industries talked about Halo Wars 2. Nothing new was revealed.

Andrew Spearin, creative director at New World Interactive showed a trailer for Day of Infamy, which will be in Steam Early Access next month.

Steve Piggot, president of Torn Banner Studios introduced Mirage. It’s basicaly Chivalry but with magic and you can now block any attack. It will be coming Fall 2016.

A trailer for Mages of Mystralia was shown. It’s a cute game where you can make your own spells to help you reclaim your heritage. It’s set to come out in 2017.

A new game mode for Warframe was announced: Lunaro. In this game mode you will play some kind of basketball with other players.

Jean-François Dugas and Jonathan Jacques-Belletête came to talk about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. They introduced the first level of the game: Dubai. This level will bridge the gap between Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.


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