We are Sen-Mithrarin


In Dust: An Elysian Tail, the big reveal of the game is that Dust was created from two souls. Elder Gray Eyes reveals to Dust that “[He is] Jin, yes. But [He is] also Cassius. Two souls, forever at odds, one of innocence, one of power. Together, [he] form[s] the one [they] call Sen-Mithrarin. “He who is born of the dust”.” When Dust asks who he is, Elder Gray Eyes answers: “You are what my people call Sen-Mithrarin. “He who is born of the dust”, created from the essence of the Life Thread itself.”

Dust was created from the powerful Cassius, a warrior capable of standing against an entire army, but Dust needed to be incorruptible, so they combined Cassius’ soul with Jin’s, an innocent soul and pure of heart. Luckily for the Moonblood, Jin’s soul was the dominant one inside Dust. If Cassius’ soul had been the strongest, Dust would not have done all the good deeds he had done.

Throughout the game, there are certain choices given to you that have either a good outcome or a bad outcome depending on what you do. This constant battle between doing the good thing, like Jin wants, or doing the bad thing, like Cassius wants, reminds me of an old tale.

This tale talks of two wolves battling inside of you and the one that wins is the one that you feed. So except for the fact that we don’t have two souls, we’re all in some way Sen-Mithrarin.

In short, this story teaches you that you become the actions you chose to do.


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