Assemblers of Infinity //Review + Next Books


Assemblers of Infinity, written by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason is about a team on the moon, the Moonbase Columbus, who make an amazing discovery. While two scientists in Antartica are working on nanotechnology, a strange construction is being built on the moon by alien ‘nanocritters’. Not knowing what the construction is, the United Space Agency sends Erika, one of the scientists in Antartica, on Moonbase Columbus to study the alien ‘nanocritters’ and discover how to stop them from building whatever it is they were sent to build.

This book got me hooked on the story right at the beginning with a very surprising way of introducing the plot. There was a point where the story didn’t feel like it was going anywhere, but it was still interesting to read just to find out what was happening on the moon. I did feel like the end was super rushed and the questions we had all through the book weren’t exactly answered, but other than that I really enjoyed reading this book. Again, it was quite different from the genre I’m used to, but I definitely don’t regret reading this book!

If you read Assemblers of Inifinity, what did you think?


Whack Job


Now that I’ve checked off another book from my to read list, here’s the next one! Whack Job written by Mike Baron.





I realised that telling you the book of the month at the beginning of the month doesn’t give you much time to get it and read it at the same time as me. So here’s what I’ll be reading in August: Ocean by Brian Herbert and Jan Herbert.


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