Why I’ve been AFK

Hey guys,

it’s almost been a month since my last post. I’m sorry about that. I spent the whole month of August focusing on my summer homework so that I could get that out of the way when college started again. Now, I still have one homework left and two exams to go on top of college (which started two weeks ago). Since it’s my second year there, it has started way more brutaly than last year. I’ve been loaded with work to do and little time to do it. I’m slowly adjusting to the new workload and trying to find balance. I’m not quite done reading Ocean and I haven’t been able to properly watch what I eat and exercise since school started. Here’s a small update:

For the book, it’s taking me longer than expected to read it because I hadn’t noticed the version I have on my Kindle is actually 3 books in 1. I just started the last book, so I’m 72% done. I’ll try finishing it and getting a review up this week.

As for my weight loss journey, I did manage to lose 5.6 lbs which is great. I would’ve lost more if I hadn’t been so careless since school started. I ate way too much junk food and didn’t exercise enough for the last two weeks. At least I didn’t put on some more weight! I’m going to try to eat better this week and exercise, although for the exercise part it’s going to be hard for a while. Last Friday, during gym class, I jogged for 20 minutes but I didn’t stretch and warm up properly so now my muscles hurt like hell. We’ll see what I can do.

I do have some good news though! I did manage to finish playing a game so I’ll have a review of it up for you guys soon! I’ll try to write it for tomorrow, but I can’t garantee anything since I still have some homework to do.

Please be patient with me! And as always, if you have ideas of subjets you would like me to cover, don’t be shy and suggest them in the comments!


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