Evoland II // Review

comingsoonIn Evoland II, you play as a boy named Kuro (of course you can rename him, but that’s the generic name for him) who has lost his memories. He was found by Fina’s father in a forest and brought to her home. With the help of Fina, Kuro goes back in the forest to try to get his memories back but they end up travelling through time! Now, with the help of other companions met along the way, Kuro and Fina try to save the world as they know it.

In this game, the big story is us trying to prevent this huge disaster that’ll blow up almost half the world. There are some side stories to look into, like who Kuro actually is, but other than speculating things, you don’t get a clear answer. I really enjoyed playing this game, actually more than the first one! What I liked in the first one is the fact that as you progressed through the game, the graphics would get better and better and look more like what we have today. In Evoland II the graphics change according to the time you are in! The story was very compelling and I loved seeing the changes in the future that happened because of something I did in the past. There were a few bugs, but nothing that could ruin the game for you. I also loved how certain battles were in a certain game style. For example, on the of the battle was in the Mortal Kombat style.

I really enjoyed this game, and I’m sure anyone would to! I hope they make a third one, although I have no idea what they could do differently this time to include the evolution of gaming.

p.s.: I’m currently replaying it to 100% it and I’m trying to get as much story clues as possible so that I can eventually make a theory about the actual story.


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