Ocean // Review + New Book

Ocean, written by Brian and Jan Herbert, follows three main characters: Kimo, Alicia and Gwyneth. Kimo, born in the sea, was given special abilities by the sea goddess Moana that allows him to swim in the water just like fishes. After receiving distress calls from the animals of the sea, Kimo enlists Alicia and many other humans to get turned into hybrids like him and help save the ocean.

I can’t deny that it was a good story, but it wasn’t captivating enough for me. There were very few battles, and when there were, they weren’t very action packed. I did like the methods the hybrids used to fight against the U.S. Government without going into full on battle. This story did have it’s moments where I didn’t want to put the book down, but overall, it wasn’t one of the best books I’ve read. It’s definitely not a book I’m going to read again someday.

The Godmakers


This month, I will be reading The Godmakers from Frank Herbert.





Next month, I will read Drumbeats from Kevin J. Anderson and neil Peart.


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