The Godmakers // Review + New Book

The Godmakers

Written by Frank Herbert, The Godmakers is a story revolving around Lewis Orne, an agent of R&R whose job is to rediscover planets and make sure they keep the peace. With an astonishing performance at his first job, Orne is given a promotion to the I-A where he will be given more dangerous missions. Escalating quickly in the ranks, Orne finds himself face to face with a great descision that’ll change his life forever.

I have to be honest, I had a really hard time understanding the story at first since there was nothing to give you context. It felt like you were just thrown in the middle of a movie where all the backstory was already given before you arrived. Once I somewhat understood what was going on, I did enjoy the story. I do feel like it was super rushed though. It’s as if the author had all these great ideas for different books but then was told he could only make one book for some reason. With all those ideas crammed in one single book, the timing of everything feels rushed and way off. Other than when they said a couple of months had passed, it feels like the whole book happened in a week. And let me tell you, it was one hell of a busy week for Orne! I wish the writting was better executed, but I still ended up enjoying the main story that managed to be told.



This month I will be reading Drumbeats by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart.




In November, I will be working my way through Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson.


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