Marathon summary


On Sunday, I ran the 5km distance in a marathon. I was super excited and looking forward to seeing if I had gotten better than last year. The temperature was lovely, it wasn’t hot, but it wasn’t too cold. It was just the right amount of cold and wind you need when you’re running. At the starting line, I pulled up my running playlist and started warming up. When the countdown started, I was super excited and ready to run the distance. At first you can’t really run your pace since there is so many people around, but the crowd quickly disperses and then you have your own space where you can run the speed you want. At about half a kilometer I saw my parents-in-law taking pictures of me so I gave them a big smile and a thumbs up. My father-in-law made me laugh cause he started running on the side to get in front of me to get a better picture haha. Then I saw my SO and my son cheering me. I gave them a big smile and a wave, then I was off on my own for the next 4 kilometers.

I made it a little more than 2km before needing to walk, I also decided to walk at this point so I could grab a drink they were giving on the sides and drink a little. I walked for about a minute tops then started running again. I got to the halfway point, cheered with the man that was making sure people turned at that point and kept on going. I walked a bit more a bit before the 3km mark because I needed some more water (the places where they gave cups of water were face to face so you grabbed one on your way to the 2.5 halfway point and then grabbed another one on your way back). Then I kept going for another while, but at this point, I was running more than I was used to, so I gave myself another minute of walking and started running when I got to the 4km mark. I was super tired and my legs hurt, but I was determined to run that last km.

When I crossed the finish line, I was super proud of myself for walking way less than I had last year. I must’ve walked 3 minutes tops during that 5km. I grabbed a chocolate milk carton and met up with my parents-in-law and my SO. They took pictures of me with my medal and we went to grab some lunch. While waiting, I checked on the event’s website to see my time and I was happy to see that I ran the 5km 2 minutes faster than last year! Last year I did it in 42:51min and this year it took me 40:36min!

After lunch, we hurried back to the starting line because my SO, my son and me were doing the 1km. My son’s first time in a marathon. He ran the whole 1km non stop. I was so surprised! I was sure he would need to walk at some point, but nope! He ran the whole thing and had this huge smile on his face the whole time. I was so happy to see his eyes lit up and his smile get even bigger when he was given his medal! I’m one proud momma that’s for sure!


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