Tuber Simulator // Review

On September 29th, PewDiePie released his new game, Tuber Simulator. I had to try it, of course, and I’m not disappointed. It’s not an awesome game that you’ll be spending your days playing, but it’s a fun little side game you can check once in a while just to get your mind off of things. Basically, you make videos to get views and use these views to buy furniture for your office. You can also complete quests to get views and subscribers. There’s also some bux you can use to buy new equipment (desk, keyboard, chair) or to expend your room. You can also get some brain that you use in your skill tree. You can obviously pay real money to get some bux, but the game is easily playable without you needing to spend real money. Especially with Sponsor Eagle coming every few minutes to drop off a box with either views, subscribers or bux in it. There’s this little mini-game, Puggle, that you can spend some views to play and reduce your shipment time. The shipment is probably the one thing that stalls the gameplay the most. I’m currently at level 12 and the items that I unlock at that level take about 9hrs to ship. I don’t mind that much since I just check on it once in a while, but for someone that would actually like to play a lot it can be quite tiering. You can use your bux to get your stuff faster, though, which I don’t do ’cause I prefer keeping them to expend my place haha.

I heard some people complaining about the ads, but I don’t find them that invasive. For one, it’s a free-to-play game that you can spend money inside if you want, so of course there are going to be ads. But the thing is, you don’t even have to watch them. The only times I’ve encountered ads are when the Sponsor Eagle gives a gift, sometimes you can x3 that gift if you watch an ad. Then there’s a quest slot that you can unlock everyday if you watch an ad, absolutely not obligated to since there are 4 other quests that you automatically get without doing anything. There’s also a bonus x2 that you can have on your videos if you watch an ad. So yes there are ads, but only if you accept to watch them. They’re not forced on you like some other free mobile games.

Overall, it’s a fun little game just to check for a few seconds on the side when you’re bored. The thing I enjoy the most is decorating my place, which is pretty much the core of the game.


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