Scream Queens – S01 // First Impression

I decided to start a new series of first impressions. I’ve started watching new series and I wanted to share my first impression and also do a small review when I’m done watching the season. I will also do first impressions of the new seasons starting this month of the shows I’ve been watching for years so get excited for some content! If you have any shows you want me to check out, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂 


I try avoiding spoilers, but just in case I didn’t do a good job: SPOILER ALERT

Scream Queens is about a sorority of 10 girls that are getting killed by a serial killer dressed as a red devil. A student journalist at the university has been investigating the sorority house because strange things had been happening there for years and he wants to solve the mystery behind the house. He teams up with one of the pledges of the house to help him get information on what’s going on inside the house.

I wasn’t sure I would like this series, it sounded really strange, but the pilot really got me hooked right from the beginning. The pilot starts off with a bit of a backstory on the house that immediately creates this huge question in the viewer’s mind. The episode keeps rolling, giving quick bits of information on each character so you know who’s who, but while still giving off some mystery vibes around certain characters.

I’m currently at the third episode and I already have like five questions about the story haha. It’s a very interesting series for now and what actually got me to watching it is a small quote from Taylor Lautner (who will be in season 2) when he was on the Ellen Show. He said that the cast doesn’t actually know who’s going to die until they get the script for the episode. I found that so funny and it just made me want to watch the show and I’m currently not regretting it! I’ll give you an update when I’m done watching season 1!


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