Kingdom Hearts Unchained X // Review


Just a small note before I get into it, I haven’t finished the game yet, I’m not even sure there’s an end haha. But I think I’ve played enough to be able to write a review about it. I will keep playing it, of course, and try to get a bit more of the story because right now there doesn’t seem to be much.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a mobile game where you need to equip medals to your keyblades and use those keyblades and medals on quests to defeat the Heartless. It’s a pretty normal mobile game in my opinion. Other than the fact that it’s KH themed, it’s not extremely special. You have the normal quests that advance the story, you also have special quests to win certain items. There are events that you can participate in to earn things as well and at level 130 you unlock what looks like the Olympus Coliseum so I guess you fight against other players? There’s the Avatar Board where you spend Avatar Coins to get new hairdos and costumes for your Avatar. There’s also the shop where you spend real money to get stuff.

The quests to get repetitive when there’s no cinematic before or after because in every quest you have to walk around an area and defeat the Heartless until you find the target. Once you’ve defeated the target your quest is done and you receive prizes according to the tasks you achieved and what you found in the area. At first I was redoing the same quest as much as I needed to redo it to get all the three stars, but at some point I found out I would need to grind a bit so that I could upgrade my keyblades and my medals because I couldn’t defeat the target in one turn anymore. The story is slowly getting more interesting, but there’s still not enough information to get a good sens of what is going on.

It is still an enjoyable game, but I probably wouldn’t have played it if it wasn’t a Kingdom Hearts game.


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