Once Upon a Time – S06 // First Impression



In this first episode of the season, we are introduced with new people, new evils and a new mystery. Emma’s hand started shaking a lot and she was getting visions. She found out they were visions of parts of how her story will end. Regina is scared that she isn’t as powerfull as she used to be now that she doesn’t have the Evil Queen inside of her. At the end she says she didn’t use to have a story since she was the villain. She was just living in other people’s stories, but now she wants her own story where the Evil Queen doesn’t have a part. Zelena is mad at Regina because she took out the evil part of her and that was the part that they had in common. She moves out of Regina’s and is surprised by the Evil Queen inside her house. Hyde brought people with him that either don’t have stories or don’t want them told (not sure about that part). They are all welcomed into Granny’s and given food and shelter.

I’m not quite sure where this season is heading, but I’m intrigued to know what happens to Emma. I do find this series seems to slowly run out of ideas, but I still find it interesting enough to keep watching it. One thing that I’m excited to see if we’ll see more of, is Aladdin and Jasmine. At the begining of the episode, we saw Aladdin and Jafar so I’m hoping we see more of Aladdin and actually see Jasmine! It does feel kind of redundant, but still different enough to be interesting haha. I have a lot of mix feelings about this series, but I will be watching this season.


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