Scream Queens – S01 // Review



This show was way more interesting than what I was expecting. At first I was watching it out of curiosity because of what I had heard about it, but I quickly found myself binge watching season 1 on Netflix haha.

I was super happy when we found out who the Red Devil was. I was so scared it was going to be another Pretty Little Liars type where they don’t reveal who the evil person is and when they do they find out there’s someone above them giving the orders. I was disappointed by who the killer was, though, because it was the obvious choice.

They did include some twists that I still enjoyed even though the identity of the Red Devil was obvious early on. I was suspecting Pete of being the second Red Devil, but I wasn’t sure since there were so many times where it couldn’t have been him while other times he did a face that made him so suspicious.

I’m definitely excited for season 2; which I will start watching right away because it has already started so be on the look out for Season 2 first impression 😀


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