Supernatural – S12 // First Impression



Supernatural‘s 12th season started off strong with Sam being kidnapped by Antonia “Toni”, a member of the British Men of Letters. After Sam refuses to answer her questions about how they saved the sun and give her names and other information about the other hunters, she tortures him. While Sam is getting tortured, Dean reunites with his mother, Marie, who was brought back to life by the Darkness at the end of last season. When they get back to the bunker and Dean finds out Sam has been kidnapped, he goes on the chase to try and find his little brother with the help of Castiel and Marie. Crowley, on his side, is chasing after Lucifer, only to find his dead vessels.

As usual, I find that the story is stretching a whole lot only to make more seasons and the writers don’t exactly know where they’re going season after season, but I’m still very interested by what’s going on. Sure, the core of the series has changed, I mean Sam and Dean don’t hunt that much anymore, but I still find myself watching the show every week. I don’t see where this season is heading, because they’ve dealt with much worse than Men of Letters before so this shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. I am definitely intrigued as to where this season will bring Sam and Dean!


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