Serena // Review



Serena came out in October 2014 and I finally got around to watching it. It’s a movie set in Depression-era in North Carolina and follows George Pemberton, an ambitious timber baron. He meets Serena Shaw and immediately falls in love with her and marries her. She quickly takes control of the operations which makes Buchanan, George’s partner, feel threatened. He decides to make a deal with the sheriff to plead against George and get him in prison while he stays out of the story and out of jail. Learning about this treason, Serena suggests George should take care of him to protect their future and George ends up killing Buchanan. From there their life just goes downhill. She gets pregnant, but has a miscarriage and becomes insanely jealous from this other women that had George’s child before she met George and she decides to try and kill her.

This movie was extremely strange. The time kept skipping in every scene and I never knew how much time had gone by. The only indication that a lot of time had passed was when the once pregnant women now had a son that looked 3 months old. Then Serena announced she was pregnant and it was like 10 scenes later that we finally saw her actually having a small belly. Then the next scene she seemed almost on the verge of giving birth, but that’s when she had her miscarriage. The story could’ve been good, but it just felt like they had too much story for the time they had, hence the weird jumps in time. The acting was amazing though! So that’s good! But I wouldn’t exactly recommend this movie to a friend, sadly.


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