Vampire Diaries – S08 // First Impression


The first episode of the 8th and final season of Vampire Diaries started off pretty strong with some killing and the introduction of a new evil. With Damon and Enzo on a killing spree, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline try to find where they’re hiding. Once they find them though, thanks to clues left by an Enzo that wants to get back to Bonnie, they learn the two vampires are being controled by something else. Meanwhile, Alaric took over The Armory and is trying to figure out how two vampires could leave the vault when all the exits were sealed shut. At the end of the episode, we see what Damon and Enzo had been feeding the bodies to.

I’m very sad that this show is coming to an end, but I’m very excited to see what they’ve got in store to wrap up the series. I’m really hoping we see Elena one last time, just to see Damon finally happy for good. I love that, even though Damon is being controled by something else and he flipped off his humanity switch, he did it for a reason. Not because he gave up, but because he wanted to protect the ones he care about. He says so himself: “If you care for nothing, It can see nothing”. I’m sensing that I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat and possibly crying a lot while watching the episodes in this season, but I’ll be enjoying every last minute of it!


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