Pumpkin Craft


I found this craft on this facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/diplycrafty/videos/1291339714261648/

It took me an hour to blow the balloon with the strings to actually  make it look like a pumpkin. Either it wouldn’t work, or the balloon would pop in my hands. When I finally managed to make a pumpkin shaped balloon, I was so happy and already over this craft haha. But I still had to cover it up with layers of paper, which I think I didn’t put enough layers. I did 3 and was way too exhausted to do more than that, plus my kid was asking me every 2 minutes if I was done so he could paint it.

I let him choose the paint, since I was doing this originaly for him and I let him paint wherever and however he wanted for about 2 hours I think. Then he had to go to bed and I finished painting it so he could put his stickers and eyes on it the next day. The stickers wouldn’t stick very well, so when he was done I had to cover them in mod podge to make them stay on the pumpkin. The eyes were glued with hot glue. My SO would put some on the eye and my son would stick the eye where he wanted.

Overall, it’s probably not a craft I would do again (It’s been a week since we made that and my back still hurts from the hours of layering paper on the balloon) but I’m happy with the final result. I know have a pumpkin that looks like it’s made of chocolate and my son had fun painting and decorating it 🙂


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