Drumbeats // Review + New Book


Drumbeats, written by Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart, is a small story about a drummer, Danny, who goes bicycling in Africa during his tour break to get away from the rock concert tour life. He encounters a strange man that keeps tapping on his drum without stopping. The drum’s sound is so hypnotizing that Danny goes on a quest to find a drum just like it so that he can include it’s beautiful sound in his band’s next album.

The story was way shorter than what I expected, but it was quite interesting. I loved the twists the authors included to make this story more morbid so that you could really understand what was going on. It’s not a story for the light hearted, though; even I had a bit of a hard time finishing it because of one detail. I simply love when short storie manage to make you feel a ton of things in such a short amount of words. That’s when you know it’s a really good story.

November book: Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson



December book: Lifeline by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason


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