Ash vs Evil Dead – S02 // First Impression



On October 2nd we were given the season 2 premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead. In the season finale of the first season, we left Ash and the gang when they were on their way to Jacksonville after Ash made a deal with Ruby. Luckily for us, Ruby lost control of her children and summoned Ash to help her out at the beginning of season 2’s first episode.

Filled with even more gore, laughs and Ash’s racist jokes, I feel like season 2 will be a treat! I like the idea that Ruby ended up needing Ash because, contrary to what she thought, she wasn’t able to control her children that she so wanted to free from the Necronomicon. I really enjoy the dynamic between Ash and Ruby and I’m looking forward to many jabs here and there from these two. There also seems to be a mystery revolving around Pablo this season. His necklace seems to have hiding powers (when he held it in his hands, the weird creature couldn’t see him) and he’s having strange visions. I’m excited to see where they’ll be taking this season!


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