NaNoWriMo – Week 1

Last week was quite a success for my writting. I managed to make time to write every day and actually wrote enough words every day! Well, almost every day. On Saturday I was way too busy to write anything. I had a lot of cleaning to do in the morning, then my son had his swimming class right after lunch and then we had to leave for my aunt’s place an hour away from here for a family supper. We only got back home around 11pm, so I definitely was way too exhausted to write anything. I had planned on catching up on Sunday, but then we had to go buy some things in the morning and afternoon and then my SO’s parents came over and stayed until late so yet again I didn’t have time to write my quota for the day.

This brings us to today! I need to catch up the 2 190 words that I missed to get back on track (good thing I had already written more words than the minimum 1 667 per day) and then write my words to finish off today. I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to do it, but I’ll do my very damn best.

Here’s a summary of my word count per day:

Day 1: 1 792 words
Day 2: 1 879 words – 3 671 total
Day 3: 2 061 words – 5 732 total
Day 4: 2 080 words – 7 812 total


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