Sream Queens – S02 // First Impression



Scream Queens‘s second season brings back some characters from season one and joins them with a new cast. The first episode introduces a new mystery dating back to 1985. This time, the killer will be a swamp monster linked to a future father that was dropped in a swamp near a hospital because the doctor didn’t want to miss a Halloween party and operate him. We got to have a brief summary of what happened during the last two-three years following the killings that took place in season one. Zadaye, Chanel and the Chanels now work in a hospital owned by Munch while they study in the medical field. At the end of the first episode, we got to see our first kill of the season, and not so sure second kill. The first one, I was expecting, but the second one that we’re not sure after the first episode if the killer killed the person or not actually caught me off guard.

I’m definitely excited for this second season, even though I’m disapointed Grace won’t be back. We were alreadly given hints in the right or wrong direction as to who is the killer, which is exactly like in season one. There are these two characters that seem suspicious and the obvious choices, and there’s this other one that just seems off for some reason. I’m keeping an eye on these three. I’m guessing the killer is probably going to be the child of the guy that was thrown in the swamp in 1985 since they made a point in showing his wife was pregnant. I’m excited to see where this season will go and who it will kill!


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