The Big Bang Theory – S10 // First Impression


The 10th season of The Big Bang Theory started off with Howard getting contacted by an Air Force Colonel who wants to meet him, but he doesn’t tell Howard what their meeting will be about. We also got to see Sheldon dealing with the thought of his mother and Leonard’s father possibly doing things to each other in a hotel room. We also got to meet Penny’s family! And finally, we got to see Leonard and Penny’s second wedding.

I loved how Penny, her father and her brother kept poking fun at the fact that her mother didn’t want people to know her brother went to jail. Nobody cared but her, it was hilarious. I also really enjoyed Leonard and Penny’s second wedding, it was so funny and beautiful at the same time. I’m really looking forward in seeing what’s going to happen with Howard and the guys with the machine they’re building. I also hope that we’ll see more of Sheldon and Amy progressing in their relationship. The one thing I am most excited about is Bernadette’s pregnancy. I already loved her personality and now that she’s pregnant, she’s 10x as bossy as she was. It’s going to be so hilarious seeing the cravings she’s going to get or how she’s now going to react to the stupid things Howard can do. I’m also excited to see them have a baby and see how Howard is going to react when he holds that bundle of joy in his arms for the first time. So many good things to look forward to in this season!


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