After the Ball // Review


After the Ball is the story of a young woman, Kate, that wants to work as a designer in the fashion industry. Sadly, she is burdened by the name Kassell and people refuse to hire her. Her father, Lee Kassell, is the founder of Kassell Fashion and isn’t very liked by the other fashion companies because he has a reputation of stealing designs. After being rejected once again for a job at a fashion company, Kate reluctanty accepts a job at her father’s company. Not wanting to be given any favors, she asks to be treated just like any employee. Her stepmother and stepsisters are happy to oblige and plot behind her back for her own father to fire her.

I really enjoyed this modern Cinderella tale. Unlike the other Cinderella tales I’ve seen over the years, this one isn’t exactly up front with it. There’s a girl that lost her mother and isn’t treated right by her stepmother and stepsisters. But that’s it. No more ressemblance with the Cinderella tale we grew up with. She even dresses as a boy to infiltrate her father’s industry and save it from the inside! There were some times where I thought she was really dumb to trust her stepsisters, and sometimes I wished she just spoke up and explained everything to her father alone, but let’s be honest. If she hadn’t trusted her stepsisters or talked to her father alone, the movie would’ve lasted a whole 30 minutes, maybe less. It was a really fun movie to watch, that’s for sure!


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