Christmas Shopping Nightmare

Ahhh Christmas… The most wonderful time of the year, right? Well not exactly… not for someone like me… I have major anxiety when I’m in big crowds, so shopping for Christmas presents is the worst time of the year for me. Ever since I moved out of my parent’s house 5 years ago, I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping in December like everybody else, and let me tell you how big of a mistake that is!

Everyone shops in December, which means that the mall is full of people and shelves empty fast. I always find myself being way too stressed by the amount of people running around me to actually be able to focus on what to buy. Also, when I do find what I want to buy, there’s never any left. It’s this huge panic frenzy trying to do your Christmas shopping in December. That’s why I tried shopping early last year. It didn’t work out great because I kept forgetting and being too busy at school so I still ended up doing most of my shopping in December.

This year though, I swore it would be different. And it was! And I’m so happy it was. I started planning my Christmas shopping as soon as Halloween was over. I asked my sister what my nephew’s interests were and everytime I went to the mall I looked for things that matched those interests and bought them. I managed to buy his Christmas gifts and birthday gifts (his birthday is at the beginning of January) before mid November! Then we had to think about my SO’s nephew and niece. Those were harder since their parents didn’t seem to know what their interests were. So my SO decided to buy their gifts from Amazon (which is a great alternative to Christmas shopping in the malls).

The last one on my list was my son. For some reason, I have a harder time deciding what I want to buy him. I know what he likes, but he already has so much of those things that I wanted to try something different. I did go mostly on Paw Patrol stuff, but I also bought two Star Wars figurines since he’s started to show an interest in inventing stories (he currently plays with his cars as if they were figurines of people haha). He also saw a Mario Kart remote control car that he really wanted and asked Santa for it so I obviously had to buy that too. Since I had a hard time finding the perfect Star Wars figurines, his Christmas shopping was finished at the beginning of December so I did have to deal a bit with the crazyness, but not much and now my month is completely free of shopping!

My word of advice for any of you that hate Christmas shopping, either do it online or do it before December. Then, you can enjoy your stress-free December and you’ll be all relaxed to enjoy Christmas with your family 🙂


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